Enrollment Verification Request

A permanent record of grades and enrollment information is maintained for each student by the Registrar’s Office. Students may request enrollment verification information online by completing and submitting the form below. Enrollment verification requests are printed on Davis College letterhead, are signed by the Registrar's Office, and are mailed and/or faxed as requested by the student.

  • There is no charge for enrollment verification information requests. Please note, this is NOT an official transcript request.
  • All requests for enrollment verification information must be in writing or electronic format and must include the final four digits of the student's social security number OR date of birth. (Written formats will also require a signature.)
  • Signed requests sent by FAX (607.797.5773) will be honored.
  • Enrollment verification requests are processed within five to ten business days of receipt in the Registrar's Office.
  • An electronic copy of a letter may be requested; however, it will be sent to the student's active Davis College email account ONLY. It will not be emailed to a non-Davis College email account.

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Verification Information
Please include the following information in my verification letter: (check all that apply)
Delivery Method
Please send my enrollment verification request by: (check all that apply)
Complete name of person/organization that will receive the enrollment verification letter.
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The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, guarantees confidentiality of the student’s educational records. FERPA pertains to the release of records only. It does not give others permission to alter the student’s record. Changes to the student record must be made at the student’s request. For information regarding Davis College’s full FERPA policy please refer to the Student Handbook located on the Davis College website.